What makes a good Destination Wedding photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer

What makes a good photographer stand out?

These days everyone wants to be a photographer (or thinks they are) and it seems a lot more wedding photographers want to travel abroad with the lure of a cheap or even free holiday. There is a lot more to do than just pack case, grab your camera bag and off you go. First things first though, there are a few important questions, you’ll need to do your homework. Is there work any good?

It’s no good have someone travel all that way for your wedding day and they aren’t that good. Will they be insured abroad? Will they be aloud to photograph in the country you’re getting married? Will they be aloud to photograph your wedding at your venue? Some don’t allow it at all, some ask for a vendors fee from a mere $50 up to a whopping $900 so this is something you need to ask your venue. Right, so they are aloud to shoot in that country and your wedding venue and they are insure and you’ve seen their work and it’s great…good.

But that’s shooting in the UK, say your wedding is in Santorini in Greece at midday, white walls, white wedding dress, white everything and the sunlight is bright, I mean really bright, will they be able to cope? Compared to a dull looking  dimly church on a cloudy day in the UK it’s like chalk and cheese.

Getting all their camera equipment over to your destination can be a logistical nightmare. Thomas Cook for instance only allow 20kg to Cuba and small hand luggage inside the cabin. There is no sane photographer that would allow there expensive camera gear to be put in the hold and would need everything with them as hand luggage.

Have they shot a wedding abroad before? They will need experience, they will need local knowledge, maybe be able to speak a bit of the local language, they might need to hire a car whilst over there.

So, what make a good Destination Wedding Photographer you might ask? It’s all of the above. Do not be swayed by photographers offering to shoot your wedding for free for them to gain experience and get a free holiday out of it. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime occasion and it needs to be right the first time so choose wisely.