Tips for a Perfect Beach Wedding

Tips for a Perfect Beach Wedding

Destination Wedding planners share their best advice

Caribbean Beach Wedding

Prepare your guests

Make sure all your guests who are attending your destination wedding know the ceremony will be taking place on the sand. Adequate footwear is a must, heels are definitely out. Perhaps give them a welcome bag with a bottle of water, hand fans and a travel size bottle of sunblock.

Provide some shade

It’s more than likely going to be very hot and most won’t be accustomed to the weather, having some shade to enjoy your toast afterwards will be a welcome relief. Underneath that shade perhaps set up a table with refreshing iced water or your signature cocktail.

Add a splash of colour

Adding vibrant colours that contrast the sand and sea will really make things pop! Everything else keep natural with pastel colours, including bridesmaids dresses.


A lot of large venues abroad have sometimes two or even three weddings on that day, try and get a later ceremony, an hour or two before sunset is ideal. Your photographer will love you for it as the light will be less harsh and warmer and that tropical heat will have died down a bit.

Go local not Loco

Use local vendors for things like chair covers and favors, you don’t want them stuck at customs. Also think of the environment, try to use biodegradable as much as possible.


This is a tricky one depending on where you’re getting married. All of Cuba’s beaches are public for example, you’re going to get hotel guests wandering in the background there is no stopping it unless you have an usher type bodyguard chasing them away.


Perhaps the most important for some. In a lot of places particularly in the Caribbean the onsite hotel photographer isn’t always the best option. Sure they are cheap, but more often that not they tend to have cheap cameras with cheap lenses and take the same photos as the last 500 weddings there which last for maybe 30 minutes at the ceremony only. Bringing your own Photographer can be more expensive but you’ll have quality photos, bridal preps, groom preps, sunset photos, trash the dress, the possibilities are endless , plus that aftercare and security back home.

Sunset photos on the beach