Destination wedding on a budget

Destination Weddings on a Budget

So, you want to get married abroad but you think it might be too expensive? Or the main reason you’re getting married abroad is to save money but once you’ve started looking you realise costs are mounting up? The good thing is your destination wedding doesn’t have to cost the earth. Planning your destination wedding means simply getting the very best from your budget.

Destination Weddings on a Budget

Here are a few money saving tips and ideas:

  1. Timing, if you travel out of season then everything is going to be cheaper, the flights, the hotel, the catering
  2. Book early, don’t leave things till last minute, the sooner you book the better deal your going to get.
  3. All inclusive package weddings are not always best, sure it might save you hassle but think about booking your flight and hotel with an independent travel agent, tell them which area of which country and get a few quotes from different hotels.
  4. Negotiate! If you don’t ask you don’t get. Ask for a free upgrade to the honeymoon suite, ask for a discount on group airline travel, remember, if you don’t ask you don’t get, they can only say no and you have nothing to lose.
  5. DIY. What can you make yourself that you can bring?
  6. Flowers can cost a lot, even locally. Think about using shells,sand if you’re having a beach wedding, fruit centerpieces, use your imagination.
  7. Toast with local drinks. Forget the champagne, opt for a local fizz instead.
  8. Dress Your wedding dress doesn’t need to a designer dress of this season, check out  last seasons, the discount rails used to be double the price. Shorter dresses tend to be cheaper too.
  9. DJ Do you need one? You could always create playlists on your ipod and have somebody switch between playlists at given times. Of course if your budget allows it’s always better to hire a professional. 
  10. Alternatives. There will always be a cheaper alternative, fizzy wine instead of champagne, shrimp instead of lobster, paper flowers instead of real ones.

Of course these are merely ideas, planning a budget destination wedding just requires a bit more thinking outside the box and not letting your budget run away with you.

You may not want to skimp on certain things, spend your hard earned money wisely, spend money on what matters the most to you, if you would rather spend more money on taking your own photographer or videographer with you rather than rely on the hotels budget ones delivering ok quality, or spend more on your dream wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl, or spending more on beautiful local flowers to make your venue look amazing, then do it, don’t regret anything, it’s your one day that you’ll never get back.

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