Getting married in Italy

Getting Married in Italy

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Getting married abroad is becoming more and more popular nowadays with Italy being the top wedding destination in Europe.

As per the chart below, I have used the search terms interest for weddings in the top 3 Countries in Europe (from Google Trend since 2011).

As you can see from the chart France and Spain are almost on the same level whereas Italy is the most popular country for an unforgettable wedding day.


Despite this, there are very few resources on the web that provide couples with the right information on how to organise a wedding in Italy unless of course one is willing to pay!

Wedding&Italy has been founded with the purpose to help couples through the organization of their weddings weather that means picking the right wedding planner, or the right wedding location or overall information about Italian culture, custom etc.

So, if you are looking for different ways to save money on your wedding in Italy or just go wild and have the most luxurious event ever, the team of Wedding&Italy will be able to advice you and help you in taking the right decision for you even if you already have a wedding planner.

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Italy is the only country in Europe that offer such a huge variety of landscape, culture and history at the same time, offering a huge range of choices. So, you can have your wedding near the lake, the sea side; Mountain, city, Country side. Italy really has it all.


Let’s not forget the budget factor.  Although Italy is not the cheapest country in Europe, it offers a far cheaper option than most Northern European countries and you don’t have to go bankrupt to get the perfect location.


Getting married abroad can be so glamourous and romantic but also a trap to those that “fall into the arms” of the first wedding planner that promise the real dream. You see there are many things we think couples should be aware of. Let me give you an example by sharing this with you:

A lot of couples think that to organise their wedding in Italy, they need to hire a wedding planner. What most don’t know however, is that most wedding locations (restaurants or hotels) have already got their own wedding planners that can look after you without charging for the service. Picking them will save you more than Euro 2,500.

Furthermore, one of the main mistakes couples tend to make when it comes to choosing the location for their wedding reception is to make too many assumptions.  They assume that things are done in the exact same way that they are used to be done back home. Be aware that many Italian locations for example have restrictions on how late they can play music. At weddings in countries like the UK and Ireland, it is normal to celebrate until 6 am but in Italy it’s not the norm. So, make sure you understand any restrictions that may be in place before booking the location.

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Organising your wedding in Italy shouldn’t be scary or impossible. Here are the 8 steps we believe will make your life easier:

  1. Well needless to say, everything depends on this.
  2. When? Set a date. This is important because a lot can change depending on the time of year you want to get married. For instance, availability of suppliers, costs etc.
  3. Count your guests (wedding size) sit down with your fiancée and decide who you are going to invite. Remember if you are sticking to a budget, this is an opportunity for you to keep costs under control.
  4. Where? (pick a geographical area in Italy) The most popular wedding destinations in Italy are: Venice, Lake Como, Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast.
  5. Wedding planner or DIY? the next step is deciding if you want to go for a wedding planner or do everything yourself.
  6. Finding the reception. This is the fun part
  7. Usually every reception venue is fairly close to a town hall or church (if you are having a catholic wedding). if you are having a civil ceremony, you’ll be happy to know that many restaurants/villas are allowed to have legal ceremonies on their properties.
  8. The rest of the suppliers



makeup artists,



Entertainment ….

The web is filled with different suppliers that work in different ways and charge you differently.

If you are on a budget, you don’t have to go for any of them, I have actually dedicated an article on .



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Also, don’t forget your guests. Getting married in Italy is such an exciting experience for everybody but why limit the fun to the wedding day?

Most of your guests fly over for at least a week, so it automatically becomes a vacation for everybody! We did write an article about this where you can get inspired on the different things you can do with your loved once.

This will also be a great excuse to get away from it all especially the stress caused by the upcoming event.



So Italy truly is the perfect frame for your wedding and it will surely give your day that wow factor that you and your guests will remember forever.

For more information contact us and will be more than happy to make your dream come true in the smoothest way possible.