Caribbean weddings

Caribbean Destination Weddings

Choose which sun drenched caribbean island for your destination wedding can prove to be a challenge as there are hundreds. We have compiled a list of a few, some you’ve heard of and some you may not of, from high end luxury to affordable, from quiet and secluded to party. The choice is yours.



Why: Finding a perfect Caribbean paradise doesn’t have to difficult as you can’t go far wrong with Cuba for your wedding. This is perhaps one of the most affordable of them all and the most cultural if you get out and about. Cuba is safe, never mind what you hear from travel agents telling you to stay on the resort, the Cuban people are some of the most friendly in the Caribbean but it is a poor country and this shows when you do get out and meet people, but safe nonetheless.

When: December to May is the best time to avoid hurricane season and get the most sunny days. The wet season (if you can call it that) is June.

Best for Caribbean weddings: For the north of the island near Havana there is MELIÁ CAYO GUILLERMO  and for lower down near Holguin there is PLAYA PESQUERO


Wedding- Nevis

Why: Nevis is part of St.Kitts and has a very high end posh feel to it, if you’re a nature lover then this is the island for you, it has pristine beaches, rainforest and reefs and is know as the “Queen of the Caribbees” !

When: Be aware of hurricane season from June to November other than that temperatures are a nice steady 23-27oc

Best for Caribbean weddings:  FOUR SEASONS RESORT NEVIS 


Why: Antigua is lush and has a whopping 365 beaches, thats one a day for a whole year!  The island has an english harbour and is steeped in nautical history and is english speaking.

When: From mid December to April, after April rates drop incredibly low le viagra sans ordonnance. Humidity and rainfall are both low all year round. Hurricane season runs is June to November

Best for Caribbean weddings: BLUE WATERS RESORT 


Weddings in bahamas

Why: You think you know the bahamas, think again, there are over 700 islands and has something for every taste, mega resorts or the privacy of renting your own private island. Nassau and paradise island are the two of the most visited and have lots of activities. The Bahamas are just 35 minutes from Florida which makes it very accessible and great for guests to reach having a stopover in Florida.

When:  High season is mid December to mid April, summers are sleepy and hurricanes are infrequent but best to avoid June to November just to be safe.

Best for Caribbean weddings: SMALL BAY HOPE LODGE


Caribbean weddings

Why:  Everyone knows Jamaica, it offers everything and we mean everything! World class culture, reggae and not forgetting rastafarianism. Not one of the safest Caribbean islands but definitely the most fun. There’s a party going on somewhere at any time. Saltfish, jerk chicken and sipping on rum..ahhhh

When: Avoid March at all costs as well as hurricane season from June to November.

Best for Caribbean weddings: HALF MOON MONTEGO BAY